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Why Robert Kiyosaki and I recommend this home biz

Business at home     For most of us our normal job, be it a 9 to 5, morning shift, afternoon shift or graveyard shift are stressful, with most stresses coming from our bosses. We are taking a heavy toll on our mental and physical health and this is, for a majority of us for a meagre sum, which some of us sometimes cannot make ends meet. Many of us dream of having our own business as a way of getting out of our job routines...and business working from home is the cheapest and easiest way to get started on our dream.

This is a potent antioxidant liquid nutrition home biz and as we all know liquid nutrition is the best nutrition compared with tablets and capsules (unless capsules are liquid inside). The benefits of liquid nutrition and antioxidant are tremendous. You might want to Google the word antioxidant to get a better picture and understanding of antioxidant.  In life you really do not enjoy wealth if you are not healthy. You do not want to be wealthy, sick and frail, but healthy wealthy or wealthy healthy.  

In any home biz, you would want to look for a company which is financially stable, NOT a get rich quick scheme as these schemes are get rich quick only for the people who started it. Our company is founded in 2004 and its annual revenue exceeds USD1.5 billion. 
It must not be those that collect your money to pay to others like a ponzi scheme. One million dollar scheme was recently closed down by the FEDS as the FEDS deemed it to be a ponzi scheme. So your home biz must have real products. We have real products.

We are not required to order for our customers, stock and deliver to customers. The company takes care of delivery and delivers straight to the user. A home biz that require us to order and deliver the products, such as many of the direct sales companies, will require a lot of our time doing such things instead of doing the home biz business and it would also limit our business to the locality of our house. We want a global market, so this is a business from home in an international market.
What better way to maintain your wellness and help people with their health and at the same time earn some money and help people earn some money and work from home. It is a win win situation. Put it another way, money is nothing without health. The costs of falling sick is much much higher than the cost of maintaining your health. Not to mention the countless worries and anxieties caused to love ones and the hours lost in productive work in order to care for you during your illness.
Ordinary people, as I do not think people are average, just that they have not found their potential, yet, working at home has been successful entrepreneur. The home is the most conducive enviroment to find this potential as it is a much lower stress enviroment than a workplace. This business has created over 40 millionaires, you too can be the next.
The Health and Wellness industry is a trillion dollar industry and is growing by millions every year even through recessions. In other words it is growing by leapts and bounds.The reason being that it is cheaper, in financial and psychological terms, to maintain one's health than to be sick, a sort of investment for health than a loss due to illness. Psychological in the sense that you would not be devastated by an illness or disease. The costs of illness such as doctor's fees, hospital fees, medicine and or medical equipments,, needed for certain types of illnesses are very expensive and rising every year in percentages more than the rise in salaries of you and me if we were working. Some of the diseases even have periodic follow-ups and thus incurred monthly maintenance costs, which include medicine and doctor's fees, which can be more than this site's cost of monthly consumption of liquid nutrition. This site's liquid nutrition is no ordinary liquid nutrition as it contains one of the world's most potent anti-oxidant. You might say " I am very healthy now so I don't need to spend money to get healthy." But how sure are you tha you can maintain it?  You are really never sure until you it by a devastating disease. I therefore recommend those who can afford to join and take this liquid nutrition and at the same time make some money doing this business working from home by recommending to others to join. Other reasons why you should join are as follows;

Do We need health supplements?

Do We need health supplements like vitamins and minerals, in this case liquid nutrition? No No, the doctors will say, they are drugs... all you need is balanced meals. It is better to obtain all that is required from the food we eat, I agree. But can we really? Not that our bodies cannot absorb, but is there anything in our foods to absorb? Not only there is decreasing quantities of nutrients in food but stresses in life are increasing and so requires more vitamins and minerals. When your life is stressful there is a higher tendency to get sick. So it is like a double whammy. Why do I say so, read on.

Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, elements and trace elements, micronutrients affect our bodies and health, not to mention aging...aging in the sense of body aging, not in the number of years. Have you ever wondered why some people look older than their age and some people look younger than their age?

Traditionally we obtain our vitamins and minerals from 2 sources viz plant food such as vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and animal meats including fish. Nutrients obtained from plant food is more easily absorbed by the bodies as they go from the soil into the plants by osmosis and so are in coloidal forms while those from meats are less easily absorbed. Have you ever wondered why the biggest animals are plants eaters, like elephants, and brontosaurus? They are bigger than the largest meat eating animals.

Our normal sources of nutrition, plant based

Now, why do I say there is nothing or decreasing minerals, vitamins to absorb? As the world population increases, by millions each year, there are more and more mouths to feed. But the planting of plant food does not increase in tandem. What has largely increased is the output from the land planted, not so much the increase in acres planted. But are these increase in output from the soil matched by increase in the minerals and elements added into the soil in the form of fertilizers or manures? The answer is no, for 2 reasons.
One is costs, it is expensive to add the full range of nutrients and most commercial fertilizers contain plant growth elements only, that is nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus (NPK). These elements speed up plant growth so that they can be harvested in a short time. Do you know that you can plant giant vegetables by using only fertilizers with these 3 growth elements of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, I have actually done it. 
My vegetables, planted in my garden when I was in form 2 secondary school (year 8, US schools), were 3 times the size of what you buy from the market., green and nice looking. Over the years the soil gets gradually depleted of the nutrients that are so important for our well-being, health and wellness. None of these get replenished with our NPK fertilizers. 

As World population increases, output of our plant food increases from the same plots of land, and the same land planted over and over again, so there is nothing in the vegetables for us to absorb, or we need to eat a few kilos of vegetables a day to get the amount nutrients our body require to function at its optimum. It will be a problem eating a few kilos of vegetables a day, won't it? As the soil is more and more depleted, it may be tens of kilos in time to come. 
The other is commercial. It is in the interest of farming, to market their produce as early as possible and with as many planting cycles as possible and hence high and quick growth fertilizers had to be used, to be able to maximize their profits. As an example of depletion of nutrients in soil planted over and over again, either with the same plants or different plants, wheat farmers today plant 10 times more than the wheat farmers 100 years ago do on the same plot of land, but the wheat only have 6% proteins, that is half the percentage of what it used to be.
The next thing is what is planted is not only high growth but are susceptible to diseases, insects and pests attack. In come pesticides, insecticides. There are rules and regulations governing the use of such, for example, the vegetables must only be harvested certain number of days, depending on the pesticides degradation period, after the pesticides application. Very often these are not strictly followed because of poor planning or because of some experience that pests appear before the degradation period is over, the vegetables are harvested earlier. So then we are not only eating fruits and vegetables with no nutritional value but are also eating pesticides. Imagine what this does to the body. 
In total not only we eat low value vegetables, but our bodies are poisoned but large amounts of pesticides, which in turn causes the generation of free radicals within our bodies. It is no wonder that new diseases and illnesses appear that we never heard of tens of years ago. Pesticides and insecticides also kill of the micro organisms living in the soil that helps to convert elements into minerals and elements that can be easily absorbed by the plants. This further depletes the availability of minerals. The whole soil eco-system is slowly and surely being destroyed if not already destroyed.

Some quarters say you can counter this situation by eating organic fruits and vegetables. Organic farming is still at its infancy and are expensive to plant due to the costs of organic fertilizers. Chemical and NPK fertilizers are cheaper. I personally believe that not all so called organic fruits and vegetables currently in our markets are really organic.At this point in time most organic fertilizers are actually manures..poop/wastes produced by animals, such as chicken, cows, goats and sheep. 

But if the animals do not eat natural unprocessed foods, then it is my opinion that the fruits and vegetables grown using these poops are not organic. As we know chicken farms do not rear chickens for their poops, but for the meat and eggs so they are fed with high growth feed that are processed in factories. The poops are side income. This brings us to animal meats our other source of food.

Our next source of nutrition, animal based

Similar to plant foods, animals are also reared with accelerated growth in order to feed the millions and also for commercial gains. They are given animal feeds that are created for growth in as shortest time as possible. If that is not fast enough they are given growth hormones. A chicken takes 5 to 6 months to grow to its normal adult size but with the accelerated growth strategy, it is ready for slaughter in 1 month. Animals then are also deficient in vitamins and minerals. The animals become susceptible to disease and sickness and so their feeds are mixed with antibiotics. They are also injected with vaccines. 

By comparison humans don't eat antibiotics until they are sick and that also is not for every kind of sickness. There are rules and regulations governing when the animals can be marketed after the antibiotics and vaccines administrations. These may not be strictly followed or the dosage strengths may vary, so the time between administration and market may be very tight. What about the eggs laid, will they have traces of antibiotics or vaccines? In some countries, there are cases where the animals are fed with banned drugs. What about their poops which are used in so called organic farming, will they have traces of antibiotics, vaccines and banned drugs?

Even processed foods, refined foods, canned foods, preserved foods, frozen foods used additives, artificial flavors, coloring, conditioners, stabilizers, preservatives in varying amounts. All of which may reduce and deplete the nutrients absorbed by the body as well as more free radicals generate in our bodies and thus more vitamins and minerals are needed. Processed, refines, canned and preserved foods have lost some of their vitamins and minerals due to processing. For example, white rice had lost 75% of zinc and chromium. In white flour 80% magnesium,70% zinc, 87% chromium, 88% manganese and 50% cobalt are lost.

Balanced meals?

How do we balanced our meals? Can we really eat a balanced meal, let alone eating 3 balanced meals in today's conditions, with processed foods everywhere and non processed foods are simply more expensive? Also bearing in mind that processed foods somehow taste better than non processed foods and are cheaper, it is no wonder people prefer processed food. Different people with different stress levels also require differing amounts of vitamins and minerals. High stress levels will also deplete whatever nutrients we obtain from our food.

So then how many of us can really and actually do eat balanced meals everyday? In today's environment with easily available processed foods, work pressure, time pressure, can we really eat balanced meals with a wide variety of foods? How many of us know what to eat and how much of each to eat to have a balanced meal, especially with vitamins and minerals depleted vegetables and fruits, 1 month old chicken slaughtered as adult chickens, possibly with remnants of antibiotic and hormones? 
One cannot imagine that in one country melamine powder is added to baby milk. In another region where fish head is a delicacy, I have heard of formaldehyde (used in preserving dead bodies) being added to the fish head as preservative before it is stored in the freezer. We just don't know anymore, what is in the food we eat. We need to counter the effects of all these chemical poisons and this is where a good liquid nutrition with potent antioxidant comes in.

There is also a very very important factor, 2013 free radicals. High stresses, processed foods, additives, artificial flavouring, preservatives, conditioners, air pollution, water pollution causes generation of free radicals. Nutritional deficiencies and free radicals are the most usual causes a number of chronic and costly diseases like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, life threatening and painful diseases like cancer and stroke and the not so life threatening but painful ones like muscle pain, nerve pain etc etc.

Some of  you may know that the body will use body tissues as a substitute nutrients if it cannot obtain the necessary nutrients. Deterioration of body parts occur as a natural process of wear and tear, and insufficient nutrition. Without the necessary nutrients needed to maintain these body parts, together with free radicals, wear and tear or deterioration is accelerated. To counter this you need proper nutrition and antioxidants

Fundamentally, then you still need to eat healthy balanced meals consisting of a wide variety of foods. But for many reasons we are unable do what is fundamentally important to our health, so we need to find other ways and what better way than liquid nutrition with potent antioxidant.
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